Our Mission

HealthPlanG is a different way to do health. Our goal is to help you Live God’s Best Version of You so you can take full advantage of His promise – to give you hope, a future and purpose. 


But unlike other health programs, we believe that the health of your body and mind are oh-so-important but for a different reason: So you can be physically and mentally strong to best Love God and Love Others; the two greatest commandments and your ultimate purpose.


God makes it very clear in scripture. He says life is all about Love. So everything we do should ultimately lead to Love. "For everything we know about God’s Word is summed up in a single sentence: Love others as you love yourself."(Galatians 5:14)


But sometimes it’s just not that easy. We get it. We recognized there are some major barriers that keep us from living God’s Best Version.


Body: It’s hard to fully love others when you’re feeling tired, overweight and lethargic. You aren’t meant to live that way. You’re made to be strong, capable and to take care of your body. That’s why we give you a diet and exercise program unique to YOUR personality to help you live God’s Best Version of You in your diet and exercise.


Mind: It’s hard to know where to most effectively put your energy, be fulfilled in work and how best to make your unique mark when you haven’t taken the time to learn about you, understand how you’re wired, discover where you’re strongest and where you may need some help. That’s why we give you a unique a unique Personality Profile matching you to a character in the Bible along with your strengths, the other side of you, your primary inhibitor and personal growth recommendations. 


Spirit: Life gets busy. We all have a lot going on and although we truly believe most of us want to have a strong relationship with family, friends and God as well as make our unique mark on the world… it takes time. It takes planning. It takes a PLAN and some of us, well most of us, just plain don’t have the time. That’s why your Health Plan includes a daily devotional with a scripture, thought and prayer as well as a plan to love others by making your unique daily, local and global mark.


Sound like a lot? Don’t worry – we help make it easy! (or at least easier.)


The Good News: We're Here To Help.

HealthPlanG has a Christian health plan, just for you, sent every morning. Based off your answers to the Assessment, you'll receive your daily G:Email that helps strengthen your Body, Mind and Spirit.


Living God’s Best Version of You is when you’re body and mind are strong and healthy and you’re making your unique mark on the world while having deep, loving relationship with friends, family and God. This is a purpose filled life. It’s a prosperous life, with hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11)


How does HealthPlanG help? First, it starts with YOU.

We begin your Christian body, mind and spirit health plan with the HPG Assessment. You're unique and your health plan should be too. The information gathered through the assessment will customize a unique plan, just for you. This happens by using an advanced proprietary algorithm then compiling the information into your Personality Profile.

Your Personality Profile: It's a comprehensive profile all about you! You'll learn what Biblical Character you're most like, how you're wired body, mind & spirit and the one thing holding you back most (your inhibitor!) from living God's Best Version of You.

Your Daily G:Email: Your body, mind and spirit health plan is compiled daily in your G:Email, sent to you every morning. Your G:Email is based off your personality profile and focuses on five key areas:


  • How You’re Wired
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • A Daily Devotional
  • Relational Growth.

Your G:Email is the core of your HealthPlanG experience. The best part? You don't have to think about your health plan. Just open your email every morning and take action. It's your one-stop-shop for health.

Now imagine you. Physically healthy, using your strengths to advance in your personal and professional life, growing spiritually, connecting on deep levels with family and friends and making your unique mark. That's living the live you were made to live. God's Best Version of You.

Let’s get started. Start Your Health Plan Today!