You are unique. Your Health Plan should be too. The Assessment will design your plan based on How You're Wired.

Understanding how you’re wired is an important step to living God’s Best Version of You. The HealthPlanG Assessment uses an advanced analysis to identify your core personality traits, strengths and more. Based on your answers, this helps determine your Discovery Summary which we have tied to a Biblical character. Understanding all aspects of yourself; the best side of you, the other side of you, what motivates you and what your inhibitors are can help you improve your body, mind, and spirit.

Everyday you’ll receive a SlimPlanG Email with your Health Plan for that day. It has everything from your meal plan, workout, devotional plus encouraging and educational message to help you learn more about how you are wired. We encourage you to read this every morning and plan your day around the information given. Dive right in, especially to how you're wired. Don’t be afraid to get to know yourself in the deepest sense. Have your friends and family take the test. You will be amazed what you will learn about each other.

God has created us with our own distinct individuality, and understanding who you are and what makes you tick, will truly help you live God’s Best Version of You