​Do you look at yourself as a work of art? I know it sounds a bit funny but it’s something I’ve had on my mind recently. I recently visited the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. It’s massive and overwhelmingly beautiful with colorful stained glass windows, stone sculptures and carefully tiled floors.

But as I wandered around this masterpiece I found my eye drawn more to the people inside the cathedral than the cathedral itself. All the different shaped faces, the different skin tones and eye colors, the different nationalities and the unique stories.  Wow! What a masterpiece every single person was that passed by.
Then I thought, do I look at myself that way? To be honest, I wasn’t very thrilled with the answer that came to my mind. Why can’t I remember that I am fearfully and wonderfully made? Am I not as magnificent as the beautiful structure I was standing in at that moment? Of course I am and so are you. So I’m learning to love and appreciate Me. My round face, blue eyes, crooked nose and not so perfect figure.
And I encourage you to know as well that you are miracle. You are more magnificent than anything man could ever make. You are fantastic, just the way you are. Unique and beautiful.
Be Your Best Today!

Ashley xx

Brenda Brenda
Thank you Ashley!
2/23/2019 4:16:39 PM

Thank you for the reminder! Keep up your good work.
11/4/2018 12:59:10 PM

Thank you for the reminder! Keep up your good work.
11/4/2018 12:58:59 PM