Wednesday's: Right in the middle of the workweek and we all know too well how hectic things can get. So very quickly, before you start your day, will you take second to stop and intentionally take three deep breathes and focus on these three things?

Breath One: Say thank you for today. You're alive; You're here now. And God’s placed you where you are to make a difference. It’s pretty amazing if I can say so. Don't you think? In your first breath, give thanks. 

Breath Two: Decide you will be present in your life today. Enjoy the people, places and things in your life. Notice what’s at your fingertips. Feel (don’t just touch) Smell (don’t just breathe) Taste (don’t just consume).

Breath Three: Be still and know God is in control of today. God’s got it. He’s, well, God! So there’s nothing he can’t handle. Leave it with him. Whatever it is, just let it go…. With this breathe… right now.

Feel good? Those three breathes? I hope so! Now go out and make this day great.

Be Your Best Today! – Ashley xx

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