We’re supposed to be different” read my shirt as I went on a morning run during a recent trip to France. I didn’t give much thought to the shirt; I threw it on mainly because it was on the top of my pile of clothes. But as I made my way through town it occurred to me how poignant this really was. We are supposed to be different and the beauty of it was apparent in every face and place I passed.

The culture, the language, the stores and restaurants, the people; they are all so different and so unique. And it’s beautiful.

Every time I wear this shirt – We’re supposed to be (different) – I think about how we are wired as individuals and should be excited, not judgmental, of others differences. We should celebrate and travel and meet and explore. We should not be afraid of each others differences but be interested and fully embrace them because well, we're supposed to be.

I’ll also be transported back to the little alleyways and the squares in France where life is so different from the life I know. It’s a gift that we have been given and a blessing that we get to enjoy each other’s differences.

Ashley xx

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