I wanted to say a little something about your time on SlimPlanG and why I feel so strongly about this program. I love it because it goes right to the heart of living God's Best Version of You and that's your choices. The six weeks on SlimPlanG are all about making healthy choices. Choices that will move you forward in your diet and weight loss.

You’ll choose fruit over ice cream, wheat bread over white, grilled over fried. And you will feel great, I promise you. It’s not always easy or fun but these good choices will move you forward not only in your health but in your confidence. In your will-power to do anything you set your mind to. Saying NO to sugar is not just saying No to sugar, it’s saying No to a lifestyle that’s not serving you well. It’s saying NO to things that are holding you back and making you feel “less than.” That’s not how God made you. He made you great and capable and powerful. 


The best part: what you’re saying YES to. It’s a whole lot more than what you’re saying NO to. It’s saying YES to your God-given potential. It’s saying YES to the person you have been created to be. It’s saying YES to His greatness in you, ready to do and give and love and make a difference. It’s saying YES to your relationships with your family, your children, your spouse, your friends. It’s saying YES to your unique Mark! And it’s saying YES to prosperous life - one with hope and a future. That’s God’s promise to you when you’re living God’s Best Version of You.


Don’t be fooled, the unhealthy lifestyle may seem fun in the moment but it’s not. Sugar, white bread, fried foods and excess are not your friend. They rob, steal and destroy. (I know, it sounds dramatic but the crazy thing is it’s not). The goal of SlimPlanG is to get you off of these foods and on to the new you. The God’s Best Version of You. The YOU, you’re designed to be. You’ve said YES to that you by signing up for SlimPlanG. The next six weeks is the time to work and learn and invest in your health. The outcome - and what you will contribute when you’re living God’s Best Version of You - is priceless. 


See, life’s all about choices. The choices we make ultimately make who we become, right. That’s why SlimPlanG is dedicated to giving you the education and tools to make good, healthy choices every time. We’re with you every day, every step of the way. Unlike fad diets or pre-ordered meals, what you learn here is the real stuff. A sustainable diet. The goal is for SlimPlanG be so ingrained in your daily life it becomes natural. For me, it was life-changing. My anxiety and struggle with food was finally over. Healthy became a habit. I know that's your goal too because you're here. You've said YES to your health and you're moving towards God's Best Version of You.


One choice at a time.

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