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What is Make My Mark?

Make My Mark is a non-profit program that teaches you to become a  “Marker” - Someone who is dedicated to making the world a better place. As a Marker, you will be equipped with philosophies, tools, and strategies to build your community, influence others, and make a real impact on the world through life-changing causes. In short, Markers have tools to become successful influencers and community leaders.

The people who choose to become Markers strive to be Influencers for Good in their communities and they work to leave a legacy of positive change in their world. Contact us and FIND OUT HOW!

Contact Us

Our Mission

“In a world of increasing instability, Make My Mark is reshaping our society by equipping individuals with the proper tools and training to become Markers. Markers are Influencers for Good, who look at the world around them and strive to make it a better place for everyone through leadership and charity.”